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The obesity epidemic continues to soar at alarming rates. In fact, over 60% of us are considered obese across the

repeat for Healthy lifestyle

Repeat for a Healthy lifestyle

nation. This is mainly due to severe and restricted immobility stemming from weight gain, and the prevalence of office based work. Living a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise is also attributed to obesity and the inability to shed those unwanted pounds. If you continue to struggle with weight issues, there are several options available. This includes formulating a strategic health plan, which includes proper nutritional guidance and exercise. In order to drop pounds and lose weight, you simply have to get off that sofa and be committed 100% to change your deep-seated habits.

Eating Right is Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to losing weight and getting back into shape, what you consume is always of vital importance. In fact, eating more protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables is  always a great way to start a diet and fitness regimen. You should also consume more lean meats and poultry, while staying away from fatty and greasy foods that are high in sodium. Walking is also a great way to burn more fat and calories, while improving respiratory function and performance. While you can always join your local fitness centre, you do not have to pay outrageous prices just to get back into shape. With just 20-30 minutes of walking per day, you can jumpstart your metabolism and feel great all the way.

Exercise and Working Out

To effectively tackle immobility issues, exercise is the key to leading a healthier lifestyle. This includes circuit weights, which help convert fat into lean muscle. Working under the tutelage of a trainer can also tackle problem areas, while building muscle and increasing longevity. If you prefer to work out on your own a few times a week, there are several online videos with industry-leading instructors and tips. They will show you how to secure proper and health nutrition, while doing the right exercises on a daily and weekly basis.

Should Chiropractic be part of my Healthy Lifestyle?

Chiropractic care should be playing a crucial part in your health plan for several key reasons.  First of all your Chiropractor can ensure that you are not suffering from mechanical aches and pains that could be giving you uncomfortable aches and pain.  So many people think that their back pain is “normal”! There is NO such thing as “normal low back pain”.  It is no surprise that if you are feeling discomfort then you are much less likely to exercise and that will not help you shift those unwanted pounds!

Many experienced chiropractors will also guide you in those proactive elements of your healthcare such as improving nutrition, exercise and changing your mindset, and will give proactive care and support!


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