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Your Posture Explained

Your Posture Explained Most people are familiar with posture – at least to the extent of knowing that it can be good or bad. “I know I’ve got terrible posture” is a comment we hear all too frequently in chiropractic offices! So if we know our posture is bad what’s the reason for it? What are the benefits of good posture and what are the consequences if it is poor?   How Do You Define Posture? Birmingham Chiropractor, Lisa Andrews, says, “Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies when...

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Have You Ever Suffered From Back Pain From Sitting?

Have You Ever Suffered From Back Pain From Sitting? Have you Ever had Back Pain From Sitting? Too many of us have suffered from either back pain from sitting, or some other ongoing, chronic pain in the body due to sitting.  The Human Body was designed to move, and to move almost continuously.  Our evolution has not changed significantly for thousands of years, and as such we are designed to be hunter gatherers.  Yet, with today’s lifestyle and technological advances comes one stupendous disadvantage: lack of movement!  Only a very few...

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