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A Handful Of Tips To Avoid The Harmful Effects Of Stress

A Handful Of Tips To Avoid The Harmful Effects Of Stress Each and every year, approximately one in three Americans dies from heart disease or stroke, yet many of the deaths are preventable through lifestyle changes. In the UK we are, unfortunately, following very closely behind the Americans with our health problems. A poor diet, lack of exercise, and tobacco use are all crucial factors in the risk of heart disease, but another important factor is managing stress. The link between stress and heart disease is not clear; however, recent good quality...

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Your Posture Explained

Your Posture Explained Most people are familiar with posture – at least to the extent of knowing that it can be good or bad. “I know I’ve got terrible posture” is a comment we hear all too frequently in chiropractic offices! So if we know our posture is bad what’s the reason for it? What are the benefits of good posture and what are the consequences if it is poor?   How Do You Define Posture? Birmingham Chiropractor, Lisa Andrews, says, “Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies when...

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