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Are you living a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is all about living in a way that is keeping you Happy, Healthy and Well.  Please enjoy this brilliant video about limiting your inactivity to JUST 23 and a half hours per day, and then look at our advice below.

Although life expectancy has greatly increased in most countries, the human race is now unhealthier than ever. Experts tell us that in the past, people died early because of infectious diseases such as plagues. With these diseases eliminated it is true that we are living for longer but most people are dying of lifestyle diseases.  Death by cardiac problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses are now commonplace. In fact, it is predicted that most people in the western world will die of lifestyle-related issues. What is ironic is that with just a few changes in lifestyle, this can be stopped.

There are three reasons why most people are unhealthy today: absence of a proper diet, lack of exercise and stress. This article will look at all 3 individually to see the cause and what you can do to for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you eat a Healthy Diet?

Obesity rates are through the roof – one in every 3 Americans is either obese or overweight and the population of theChiropractic Healthy lifestyle word cloud United Kingdom is not far behind. That is a very high number – it actually accounts for a third of the population. These people are not just putting a strain on their bodies; they are also a great expense to the government, and a huge burden on the NHS.  Most of them will develop a chronic illness in their lifetime and they will have to be treated by medical services. But why are they overweight?

For a long time we were told that if you were overweight it was because you ate too much and were too lazy. So People started to diet and exercise all the time. But if you look at obesity rates in the 80’s compared to today, they have risen. So why are there more fat people now than there were 30 years ago? Because we got the cause of obesity all wrong. Obesity started to appear when manufactures started to add sugar into everything. Before, it was used in very few products such as confectioneries and sweets. Over time, it has crept into everything. In fact, it is in the most surprising products. Did you know, for instance, that the sugar in a bottle of ketchup is about a third of the bottle? If this surprises you, then you should know that 80% of foods in the supermarket contain sugar – that’s right, a whopping 80%!

So what should you do? The obvious answer is to stop eating processed foods and start eating fresh food. You should start eating more lean meats (beef, chicken, fish etc), eat more healthy carbohydrates (healthy breads and pastas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, dairy etc) and lots and lots of fruits, nuts and vegetable. You should also eat 3 times a day – skipping meals wreaks havoc to your system. In addition to that you should drink a lot of water – at least 2-3 litres every day.

Do you perform Healthy Exercise?

Chiropractic for peak performanceWe have become sedentary creatures. Most of us spend the whole day sitting in an office and then go home and climb into bed. There is no way you can remain healthy if you don’t move your body. We were designed to get some physical workout – our ancestors got it when they were out there hunting and gathering. They would walk for miles and run after the animals that were their meals. Today, we make our livings in a different way. Jobs have ensured that we don’t have to move in order to eat. The result is a lot of unhealthy people.
If you want to have a healthy lifestyle you must get some form of exercise. You should join a gym or get a trainer at home. For some, working out in a gym is too strenuous. If this is the case for you it is not an excuse to sit about and get no exercise. There are many different ways you can break a sweat. How about you stop taking the elevator and start taking the stairs everywhere you go? Instead of driving your car to get groceries you should walk to the store. You can join a dancing class or dance with your kids at home. You can go jogging a few times a week or go hiking on the weekend. The point is to make sure that you get a workout one way or another. It is not too late to start.

Is Stress affecting your Healthy Lifestyle?

Stress levels are rising all the time, according to statistics. It is caused by different things, but mainly it is the pace atChiropractic relieves stress headaches which we live our lives today. It has become a hectic world. Many people have to hold two jobs to make ends meet. Pressure in the workplace means that bosses are forcing their employees to do more and more all the time. In most cities, there is so much traffic that commuting itself is a nightmare. Life at home is no different – rates of divorce are very high. In fact, technology has increased rather than decreased stress. Social media is forcing people to get depressed because they compare themselves to their friends.

There are many ways you can take care of stress. In fact, you can pre-empt it with chiropractic treatment. Although chiropractors are best known for their ability to relieve pain, and improve function, by manipulating the spine, they also have the ability to ensure that you remain stress free. They know which parts of the body to adjust to reduce physical stress in the body. They are also excellent at giving deep tissues massages. Massage has been proven to be great when it comes to stress. It improves blood flow to the brain and feel good hormones are released. In addition to that, people who receive regular massages are known to sleep better.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about healthy eating and exercise. Life is not good if you are healthy but full of anxiety. You have to find the best chiropractor near you to help you deal with stress even before it arrives. Even better, chiropractors are able to help prevent some chronic illnesses. They will help you live a well-rounded life that is free of illness.

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