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Optimum sports performance is most easily achieved through balancing a number of key variables, including sports specific training, correct recovery, great nutrition and controlling mental stress.

Sports Chiropractic at London 2012 Olympic Games

Sports Chiropractic at London 2012 Olympic Games

A Sports Chiropractor provides a combination of manual therapies, which along with the support of trusted partners in the fields of coaching, nutrition and psychology can help make the difference towards a personal best, a match win or a faster recovery from sports injuries.

The key difference between seeking care for sports performance and sports injuries prevention is one of mindset. With sports performance goals the individual is aiming towards something positive that they want to achieve, whereas the prevention of sports injuries is moving away from something negative.

Ignoring, ‘playing through’ an injury or masking it with painkillers can lead to further damage to muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves. Chiropractic assessment, adjustments and specific advice is designed to help improve ranges of joint movement and flexibility, muscle function, control and co-ordination, as well as to assist the

Sports Chiropractor Andy Green with London 2012 Gold medallist sports injuries

Chiropractor Andy Green with Gold medallist Susan Francia

development and maintenance of muscle strength and endurance. Whether it is to help treat sports injuries through to improving strength, coordination and performance your sports chiropractor is trained to an extremely high standard. Your sports chiropractor can also help give you biomechanical advice to help you prepare your warm up, cool-down, specific sports techniques, off season rehab, and other factors that will help you to improve your performance and strengthen and stabilise your spine and joints.

Sports Chiropractors were included as part of the main medical provision at the London 2012 Olympic Games for the first time at a summer Olympic Games.  Chiropractic care is becoming ever more commonplace in sport, whether it be from elite professional sport or amateur weekend warriors.  If your sporting performance is being compromised by repetitive sports injuries find a “sports chiropractor near me” today!

A growing number of UK Chiropractors have specific sports chiropractor qualifications such as the ICSSD (International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma), recently replaced by the ICCSP (International Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician).

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