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 ‘How do I find a chiropractor near me?’ This is a question that is asked more and more frequently these day as people deal with back and neck pain each and every day. Few things can ruin your day or slow you down like back or neck pain. Whether it comes from an injury, overuse, or an ongoing chronic condition, this sort of pain can make your day unbearable and hard to get through and can rob you of fun days doing what you love. But you do not have to suffer from chronic back pain any longer – you just need to be well informed as you go about treating your pain.
There are many different types of back pain that can cause problems for people and certain problems are more

chronic lower back pain

lower back pain

common at different ages.  The most common cause of Lower Back Pain is a mechanical Sprain / Strain injury, a similar mechanism to turning your ankle over.  This can occur at any age but we recover from it faster when we are young.  One more common type in older people is known as spinal stenosis. Spinal Stenosis is a narrowing of the bony channel that the spinal cord and spinal nerves runs through. Lumbar stenosis (in the low back) is  the most commonly seen type, but cervical stenosis (in the neck) tends to be a more dangerous condition because it can potentially damage the spinal cord more than lumbar stenosis. When the chronic back pain is pushing you to the edge, you need the expert touch and care of a chiropractor to help you get your life back.  Sadly many chiropractors report that many patients ignore ongoing, persistent pain for too long hoping that it will go away rather than having it assessed and potentially helped.  If a chiropractor believes that they cannot improve your symptoms and function they will refer back to your GP or the appropriate specialist.

Neck and back pain has long been a big problem for the Western world. Recently published figures show this continued increase over the last few decades and there seems to be no slowing down or reversal in sight. The vast majority of people will suffer some form of pain, injury, or lack of movement due to back pain at some point in their life. This is still one of the leading reasons for lack of work performance, hospital visits, sick days, and job loss in the industrialized world. You may be wondering ‘how do I find a chiropractor near me?’ The first step to answering that question is being informed and educated about your particular type of chronic back pain and finding a chiropractor who can address your needs and concerns.

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