Chiropractic and Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and back pain are a common match, unfortunately. However this does not have to be so: studies have shown that chiropractic not only decreases the incidence of back pain during pregnancy, but also during labour, in some cases chiropractic has even been shown to shorten labour time. The great thing about the research is that not only did pain decrease quickly, but chiropractic care was shown to be safer than taking medications for pain when pregnant.
But don’t you have to have a history of back problems to get back ache during pregnancy? The answer is an

back pain during pregnancy

back pain during pregnancy

emphatic “no”: A recently published study showed that for 75% of women that had back pain during pregnancy, this was their first time, and with regards to back pain in women generally, 28% of those surveyed said that their first episode started when pregnant. Lower back pain during pregnancy can detrimentally impact your overall health. Unfortunately, if left un-treated, back pain during pregnancy only seems to get worse, and sleep is often affected too.

Dr Ed Groenhart (Doctor of Chiropractic) of Linton Chiropractic in Cambridgeshire says: “If a patient, doctor or physiotherapist asks us about the suitability of chiropractic during pregnancy, we always answer: chiropractic care, delivered gently and safely by a registered chiropractor, is suitable for all. We want your pregnancy to be a time of joyous anticipation of the great journey ahead with (another) little one: we recognise that pain, or even fear of pain, is a negative emotion that you just don’t want to have at this time. Our approach is not just to work on the basis of pain or lack thereof, but on a more proactive, preventative approach. Put simply, we will ensure that you feel in control of your body at this vital time.”
Remember, back pain during pregnancy is extremely common, but never “normal”.  Your chiropractor will tell you that you are designed to carry a baby for nine months without constant pain, so if you are suffering try this gentle therapy and see if you experience the benefits that many others before you have already benefitted from, to  lose the back pain during pregnancy and enjoy being pregnant!
Lisi AJ. Chiropractic spinal manipulation for low back pain of pregnancy: a retrospective case

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