Have You Ever Suffered From Back Pain From Sitting?

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Have you Ever had Back Pain From Sitting?

Too many of us have suffered from either back pain from sitting, or some other ongoing, chronic pain in the body due to sitting.  The Human Body was designed to move, and to move almost continuously.  Our evolution has not changed significantly for thousands of years, and as such we are designed to be hunter gatherers.  Yet, with today’s lifestyle and technological advances comes one stupendous disadvantage: lack of movement!  Only a very few of us actually use the full range of movement that the human body was designed to do.  This is why back pain from sitting is becoming an epidemic.

Back Pain and Sitting

So, what are our bodies designed to do?  As already said we are designed to be hunter gatherers.  Reading Chiropractor, Andrew Green from Reflex Chiropractic says: “Evolution has designed us to walk 15-20km per day with


Common areas of pain caused by prolonged sitting

the occasional climbing, sprinting, lifting and fighting thrown in to the mix.  We were never designed to sit, especially for extended periods of time.  Think about this fantastic documentaries of African or South American tribes who are the few people living as we were designed to live.  They rarely sit down, but more commonly squat down whilst working.  On the other hand the average UK professional spends the majority of their day sitting at desks.  Most of us drive to work, sit all day behind a computer screen, drive home and are then so exhausted from sitting all day that we then sit in front of the television for a few hours!”

Can a Chiropractor Help My Back Pain?

Chiropractic can be very effective at alleviating mechanical back pain, whether lower back pain or further up in the

posture examples linked to back pain

Posture links directly to Back Pain

neck.  The structural alignment of our spine and skeleton is vital.  Correct alignment of the musculoskeletal system provides the primary foundation for human health and all the systems that support our normal function and health.  When our bodies move out of alignment,  and fails to challenge the muscles that support structure it paves the way for challenges with balance, metabolism and other functions as well as the obvious outcome of PAIN!  So, our posture is a clear window to the structure and function of our spines…. and therefore of our health.  If a chiropractor tells you that they can alleviate your pain, and you begin a course of care with them, their top priority is to remove your back pain as fast as possible.  However when the symptoms of back pain from sitting have disappeared the underlying function that caused the back pain may still be present.  This is where a combination of chiropractic care, spinal strengthening exercises, and practical ergonomic advise can all play a role in improving your function, and keeping that back pain from sitting at bay!


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