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New years resolutionsWe hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Years holiday.  It is a fabulous time of year to enjoy with friends and family, but we all know that we tend to enjoy it to excess.  Of course at this time of year we all tend to reflect on our health and make promises to ourselves to make big changes, whether it is to lose weight, run that half marathon, get on the rowing machine, or just feel healthier in yourself.

How many people keep these New Years resolutions going for more than just a few days? Not very many! The reason we all find this so hard is the concept resistance, the cause of procrastination, the killer of dreams and the thing that will stop you losing that stone in weight, or finally feeling that your back feels strong again!  Resistance occurs to all of us to greater or lesser amounts.  Activities where resistance is very common include:

1:         Any diet or new health goal.

2:         Any program designed to get you to break habits, and maintain new healthy habits.

3:         Standing up to something or someone in the face of adversity, and maintaining change.

4:         Any activity designed to give you a dream six-pack!

As chiropractors we are passionate to help support you in all of your health aims.  Whilst most people initially present to a chiropractic centre for the first time with common symptoms such as back pain, headache, hip or knee pain or a sporting injury, many chiropractors end up supporting many people with their journey to improved health and wellbeing.  Reducing the symptoms of low back pain is usually quite quick and easy.  However, maintaining that asymptomatic state will be much easier if the spine is mobile, the muscles balanced, the body is rested and hydrated, and if other lifestyle factors help to maintain this function.  Our Chiropractor Near Me centres can support you achieve your goals, much in the same way as an elite sportsman such as Andy Murray has a full support team of coaches and therapists supporting him to his success.

Dr Andy Green (Doctor of Chiropractic), based at the Reflex Chiropractic Clinic in Reading says: “We should all try to remember the 7 daily habits that we need to maintain great health.

repeat for Healthy lifestyle

Repeat for a Healthy lifestyle

Dr Andy Green and guest feeling fantastic

Chiropractic keeps me feeling fantastic!

Those are nutrition, exercise, maintaining a mobile frame, sleep, hydration, our lifestyle and mindfulness. Many of us a good at several of these but in our very busy lives many of us fail to maintain a healthy balance.  We may eat well well, but are sat at our desks all day and our spines and joints get very stiff.  We may get enough sleep, but probably do not drink enough water every day to stay hydrated correctly.  Good health requires a good balance.”

As your outstanding team of chiropractors, the chiropractic health teams at Chiropractor Near Me are here to help and advise.  If we can help you get out of pain we will do it as fast as we can.  If we can help keep you out of pain we will advise you how best that is done.  If we can help to support your whole health aims we can, but whether you come to us for advice or not please use the motivation of this time of year to start improving your health for the benefit of you and your family.  Happy New Year, and we wish you a Happy, Health and Well 2016!


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