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Norwich Chiropractic CentreNorwich Chiropractic Centre

Norwich Chiropractic Centre

The Old Palace

252 Heigham Street

Norwich, NR2 4LQ

Norwich Chiropractor Phone: 01603 216430


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At Norwich Chiropractic Centre our principal chiropractor, with over 25 years experience, along with our associates and our caring support team have looked after more than 15,000 people since we first opened. We are privileged to take care of people of all ages, from newborn babies and mums-to-be to lovely people in their 90’s who want to be fit, sprightly and active. Our philosophy is not just about getting you out of pain, but helping you to get well and stay that way for the rest of your life!

Whatever your age or condition, we’re here to help. We will explain everything to you with regard to your problem, what needs to be done to correct it, how long it will take and the cost involved because we feel it’s important to work as partners to improve your health. We look to address the cause of your problem, get you well and keep you that way. Our caring and thorough approach, along with modern x-ray facilities, computerised scanning on site and helpful health advice means that you get the best possible care.

As your Norwich Chiropractor we also offer Free Spine and Health Checks, if you’re unsure, so you can check out whether chiropractic can help you. With our caring, friendly team and calm, relaxing environment, we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and at home. Saturday and evening appointments and plentiful free parking are designed to make things as easy as possible for you, so you can just focus on getting better.

Commonly presented symptoms and conditions include:

Norwich Chiropractic Centre Building

Norwich Chiropractic Centre

Norwich Chiropractic Centre Welcome Area

Norwich Chiropractic Centre Welcome Area

Norwich Chiropractor, Dr Neil Folker - Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Neil Folker – Doctor of Chiropractic at Norwich Chiropractic