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Henley Royal Regatta CrestThe last week of June is traditional for many things in England, including Wimbledon and of course Henley Royal Regatta.  This year a group of the chiropractic centres on the Chiropractor Near Me register met up for a day of chiropractic discussion, brainstorming  creative ideas, and drinking Pimms at the 177th Henley Royal Regatta.  A fantastic day was had despite the traditional summer weather of driving rain, strong winds and cool temperatures.


Henley Royal Regatta

The premise of the Chiropractor Near Me site has always been to produce a register of like minded chiropractic centres in the UK.  There are many fantastic centres in the UK but not all share the same vision for the level of customer care, the same vision for health and wellbeing, and the passion to increase awareness of chiropractic within their local communities.

Chiropractor Near Me Centres

Chiropractor near me chiropractors at Henley Royal RegattaAmongst those present at Henley were Reading Chiropractors, Dr’s Andy & Laura Green, Brighton Chiropractor Dr Mike Cassidy-Hogg, Welwyn Garden City Chiropractor Dr Paula Garcia, but sadly missed Norwich Chiropractor Dr Neil Folker on the day due to a family illness.  This is one of the unique factors about all the centres on this website.  Chiropractor Near Me is not just a list of centres, it is a group of centres who regularly talk, and constantly develop their centres and the quality of how they care for the guests at their centres.  Many chiropractic centres are owned and run by a sole practitioner who may be very busy but can become quite isolated from other practitioners, especially those local to them.  We believe that sharing ideas, and actively supporting one another, is extremely helpful in developing how we care for people in our centres and ensuring that no element of what we do becomes stale.  As a result many of the centres on Chiropractor near me are growing fast as a result of becoming very popular in their local area due to their high levels of customer care, fantastic service and great results.


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