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Zest ChiropracticZest Chiropractic, Moseley, Birmingham Chiropractor

149 Swanshurst Lane, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 0AS, West Midlands

Phone: 0121 777 1400


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Birmingham Chiropractor, Zest Chiropractic are a fun, energetic and passionate chiropractic team based in Moseley. We believe totally in natural health and wellness. We’re committed to helping as many people as possible to live pain-free, happy, healthy lives.  We believe that with chiropractic, good nutrition, exercise and an optimally functioning nervous system everyone can enjoy great health. Our chiropractic adjustments not only get you moving and feeling better, they also ensure your nervous system is performing at its best. By combining adjustments with education on the best nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices we help you be the best you can be. Join us and rediscover your zest for life with chiropractic!

Commonly presented symptoms and conditions include:

Lower back pain, Neck pain, Poor posture, Joint & Muscle pain, Shoulder pain, Pelvic pain, pain during pregnancy.Headaches including migraines, arthritic pain , Hip pain and Arm pain.


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